Arend uses a variety of art media with true versatility. His dimensional work in clay, limestone, plaster, bronze and soapstone reflect an artist whose secure technique liberates him to communicate complex insights with sensitive direction. Many of his works are represented throughout North America and Europe.


H.B Beal-2yrs Painting, Diploma. London, Ontario.                                                                       Ontario College of Art-4yrs Sculpture, Diploma. Toronto, Ontario                                             University of Guelph-Fine Art, Degree. Guelph, Ontario


Merrit Award-H.B.Beal                                                                                                                           Golman Scholarship-Ontario College of Art                                                                                       Emanual Hahn Scholarship-Ontario College of Art                                                                          Ministry of Corrections Teaching Award-G.C.C.                                                                                Stedman Award-G.C.C.

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